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Meet Agnieszka I Head of Core Delivery, Krakow

When Agnieszka started to work in Grand Parade, there were only 28 employees, now there’s over 300! Agnieszka share’s how the company changed during the last 5 years.

What’s your role and how has it evolved over time?

I joined Grand Parade as Senior Project Manager. After one and a half year’s, and the company had grown, I changed my role to Head of Project Management and became responsible for all PMs in Grand Parade.  After the acquisition by William Hill, I became  Head of Delivery - Krakow and over time I decided to try out a new role as Development Manager in Sportsbook. This year I’m back to the delivery department as Head of Core Delivery. That is really what I love the most!

How was your first-day in Grand Parade - was there anything special about it?

When I joined Grand Parade, the group of employees was really small and the company was located in an office which really was a flat - redesigned to look more like an office. I could feel the start-up mode!

How has the company changed over these 5 years?

The company has changed a lot during the last 5 years. I feel like I’ve been working in a few different companies during that timeframe. Over time Grand Parade grew to almost 180 employees, and we have built new processes and ways of working. Grand Parade was more an interactive agency where we have been doing projects for various bookmakers in kind of a "start-up mode".

After the acquisition by William Hill, we have started to own our own brand, work on our own projects. We have learned how to work in a more corporate environment with better established process, with people in remote offices, we have 300 people in our Krakow office now. The AGILE transformation was another huge change for us (and William Hill as a whole), but I believe we are constantly improving all the time and each year is better! I really like these constant changes for the better.

What is it about Grand Parade/William Hill that makes you stay? 

I think mainly how the company is changing, developing and growing all the time. We are constantly changing, growing and improving each year. I feel I was working in a few companies during the last 5 years! And I love the people here and a great work atmosphere - really cool!

Tell us about the most memorable moment of these 5 years in Grand Parade?

Each Christmas party, each BBQ, away day, team beer - I really enjoy all the team-building initiatives we have and I am sure I will remember all of them for a long time! Really difficult to select one moment, we constantly have so many great moments!

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