Graduate scheme & internships

William Hill wasn’t built in a day. It took hard work, teamwork, perseverance and a commitment to the safety of our customers. Each year, we look to add a new selection of rising stars to join our winning team — graduates and undergraduates looking for the perfect opportunity to give their careers a serious boost. Are you ready to join our team?

Welcome to the team

Each Year, we look to bring bright new Graduates into William Hill to bridge the skills gap, grow our own talent and create an ever-better, ever-evolving team.

We’ll set you up on a two–year programme, which includes the option...

What we look for:

We’re looking for recent graduates (Ba/BSc) who are keen to kick-start their careers and make an impact from day one.

We want grads who are hungry to prove their skills — and learn new ones! Together, we’ll Build your career from the ground up, giving you the opportunity to earn as you learn with our MSc offering. We’ll Balance flexibility and performance together, giving you the tools you need to give us your best. And, we’ll offer you the chance to Belong, as part of a strong, winning team that spans the world.

Are you ready to take up the challenge?


Are you an undergrad eager to make more of your skills and interest in computing and tech? If so, our summer internship programme at William Hill is the step you can take to build your experience and develop your skills in a fast-paced, innovative and global company.

Each summer, we hire five sandwich-year undergraduate students looking for practical experience alongside their degrees. We take a cohort of students from computing or tech backgrounds, show them the ropes and give them real experience from day one.

And the best part? We fully intend to offer anyone who successfully completes the internship with us a permanent placement on the following year’s Graduate Scheme.

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, sign up today and get ready for your future!

Hear from our people

  • Lee Hoult

    Customer Experience Manager

    The training for new starters at William Hill is fantastic. There are so many courses which help keep us up-to-date and enable us to start great conversations with customers, and each other.

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Amazing! You’re well on your way to joining our team and going one better in your career. Follow the link below to find the perfect job for you.