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Meet our Quality Questions presenters

We went behind the bet with our speakers from our Quality Questions presenters, to find out more about their roles and their presentation topics.

Meet Dominik

Dominik has been a QA Engineer for the last 4 years. He has broad experience in testing as well as in mobile, web, database, and web services. His topic was on:

Robot Pattern - UI test automation for mobile.

Feel invited to the showcase of UI automation testing for mobile using robot pattern. I’ll show you what technologies I use and why. During the presentation, you will see live coding of a simple test scenario in Android and at the end I will tell you why this works for iOS too! If you know what page object pattern is, you will know what to expect from robot pattern but you will still find value in seeing how it can be used with Kotlin and Swift languages.

And with us, Dominik works in a mobile team, he's doing manual testing and writing UI automation tests for Android and iOS with native and hybrid applications. Away from work, he's a graphic and UX design enthusiast and a PC gamer. He also claims he's not a good dancer, but this is definitely a thing we have to test first.

Meet Macej

Maciek Jadach is a QA Automation engineer with two years' experience in various test areas, performing manual and automated tests using Javascript and Java web test automation frameworks. He's introduced visual regression testing to sports channel in William Hill. Find out what he prepared for the meetup.

Visual regression testing using Browserstack

BrowserStack is a cloud-based cross-browser testing tool. It enables developers and QAs to test web applications on various browsers and operating systems and also on real mobile devices. BrowserStack allows you to manually test website and automate your testing scripts by using Remote WebDriver. Using functionalities of capturing screenshots on BrowserStack I will introduce visual regression testing - Quick overview, technology stack behind, pros & challenges in implementing tests, demonstration of use cases.

And some more about Maciej:

He's always looking forward to learning new test technologies. In spare time loves to play video games and reading everything related to the world of technology.

Meet Jakub

He's been dealing with Quality Assurance in several online casino projects. Day-to-day, he's doing automation, performance and manual testing as well as leading and supporting other team members towards the successful production deployment. He's definitely a man who likes planning three steps ahead. Let's find out more about his presentation

Is JavaScript the next Java in QA world?

JavaScript is becoming more and more popular in QA world every day. I’ll take you through some frameworks used in gaming projects, say few words about testing untestable APIs and discuss the pros and cons of using JavaScript instead of old, good Java.

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