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Knowledge Exchange - we're all on the same side

Ben Bramley, our Senior Product Owner, hosted some visitors from our Krakow Project Delivery team a couple of weeks ago - to share knowledge on our key products. 

We welcomed visitors from our Project Delivery Team in Krakow to St John's: Marcin Czekaj, Jakub Kusmierz and David Nowogorski. The opportunity to share knowledge had a tremendously positive benefit to teams in both locations."

"As betting isn’t commonplace in Poland, we took the opportunity to have a session in the Model Shop to give the guys a greater understanding of our key products. Each person had a £200 bank and was invited to bet across a host of content for a half hour period. The shop was buoyant as over 60 bets were struck on a range of events including Virtual, South African & French Racing and Greyhounds. Insight was given on the respective products, how the betting is framed and how we expect to make money on them."

"Of the mythical £1,000 in circulation, £150 was lost with two guests from the Retail Service Support team who joined the session, Byron Galietta and Michael Watson, walking away with the coveted prizes of a bottle of port and a packet of mini eggs!"

"The guys enjoyed the session and commented how much they’d learned in its short span, so we will certainly look for other opportunities to run similar awareness exercises."