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Exploring eSports in Spain

Last month our team in Madrid went to ‘eSMARCON’, the first eSports Marketing Conference in Europe where all the big players in eSports met to talk about their roles in this emerging business area.

We spoke with Lorena about the event:

"We had the opportunity to listen to publishers, casters, gamers, fans, brands that decided to be part of this new trend, and even those who didn’t find it that appealing and are still a bit negative, amongst other interesting points of view (such as the legal part of it!).

We also found out that there are real Academies (like Movistar Riders’ eSports Center), where youngsters are given a place to practice while being taught about competition and how to deal with the “fame”. These 'kids' (even though the average age of this target group is 25-30 years old!), get acknowledgement from the very early days, because as soon as they start winning tournaments, they get hired by a team with a good contract, and start receiving a monthly salary, which transforms their passion, into a real job"

Alfonso Lasa, one of our CRM Execs said: ‘Looking forward to launching our eSports markets in Spain so that we are closer to this big audience’

We can't wait to be a part of it.