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Meet Martyn Miller, new Site Director for our Krakow Office

Martyn Miller is new Site Director for Krakow Office. He's "new" here but his face is very familiar for some of us. He worked with Grand Parade for many years before - we caught up with him to find out what's brought him back to Krakow? 

Hi Martyn, welcome back to Kraków! You worked at Grand Parade before but we have a lot of new people in the office who don’t know you. Tell us a bit about your background and your Grand Parade history? 

Martyn: Sure. My background is mainly in Marketing and Operations but with a healthy dose of working with digital development teams in the last twenty years. I have worked in the betting and gaming industry since 1992, initially with Ladbrokes then Coral before beginning my own consultancy in 2013.  In July 2015 I joined Grand Parade as MD based in Kraków and helped grow the Development operation from 50 to 170 by the time of the William Hill acquisition in August 2016.  I am a proud Scot, a Watford FC season ticket holder and (sorry Cracovia fans) a Wisła supporter!

What brings you back? 

Martyn: I enjoyed my time immensely in Poland with Grand Parade so it wasn't a hard decision. However the opportunity to be part of an incredibly exciting and challenging chapter in William Hill's growth was one I couldn't turn down. Kraków is a key component in delivering the products necessary to out-compete the other players in this highly competitive sector so having a part to play in achieving this is something I am greatly looking forward to.  I should also add that I am determined to reclaim the title of Grand Parade Betting League Champion which I won in 2016!

What are your objectives for the next few months?

Martyn: There has been a significant amount of change within the business, both organisationally and in ways of working. Change is ongoing and should be embraced but it also poses challenges and I want to ensure that the Grand Parade tradition of creating excellent quality work on time is reinforced. Helping break down obstacles to productivity through better communication and increasing focus on delivering great William Hill products is a key objective. To do that will mean forging purposeful relationships with people here in Kraków and in other parts of the organisation. That's going to be the most satisfying part of my role, I'm sure.

You came back to Grand Parade after over a year. What was the biggest surprise for you?

Martyn: Probably that the IKEA desks which I and others assembled in April 2016 are still standing! That aside it is clear that the size of the organisation and the strategy for growth are on a different scale. This ambition manifests itself in the move to the new office in Kotlarska early next year (and I hope to avoid assembling desks this time around!).