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Meet Carrie

Meet Carrie, a Web Developer based in Gibraltar. We went behind the bet and found out a little bit more about Carrie and her life at William Hill.

What did you do before your joined William Hill?

I worked for a software start up for a year. Before that I was actually a Scientist, but after a few years I fell out of love with it but really enjoyed the technology side. I wrote a lot of code to support the work I was doing. Now that I'm in a big business, it's great to have the support of a company / team rather than working on my own in a lab.

Why William Hill?

My husband was offered a job will William Hill in Leeds. I got to meet some of the Test team, and thought they were all nice people. We moved to Gibraltar, and I had an interview for a Test role. I got a good feeling from my interviewers, it seemed that they encouraged progression. It's nice to work somewhere with a proper structure, good equipment, guidance and support.

What’s your career journey so far?

I started as a manual tester in Gib, which was a slight step back from my previous automation testing role. My team delivered 3 high profile Gaming projects- Games Redesign, Mobile Vegas and Macau. 9 months in, I wanted to get back to writing code. A vacancy came up in the API team, and my manager was really supportive of my application. This was a much more technical role. Then I moved again to a new team doing front-end testing. Most recently I've moved into Web Development, from this February.

What’s been your highlight?

Career development, the opportunity to keep being challenged. There is no divide between types of people -with talent and a good attitude, you can go far.      

What advice would you give to thinking of a career in test?

It's a stepping stone to lots of different things. You can stay in test, or find that it opens up a lot of doors - you can learn the whole software development life cycle and more. You're at the centre of everything, in touch with everyone. You need to think like a customer. You're an important part of the process.