This is what you call a great customer experience

We love making sure our customers have the best experience when they come into our shops, whether that’s a first-time punter or regular customers who love a cuppa and a chat. It’s great getting feedback that our customers love us too.

None more so than a customer in Blackpool who, while recovering from spinal surgery, used his daily visits to our Whitegate Drive shop as part of his rehabilitation.  

He said: “I was always met with genuine concern and interest about my health and while others such as failed to support me, your colleagues did. 
“There were dark days that I felt I could not leave my home, but I always did due to the prospect of seeing the staff members of the shop, having a cup of coffee, discussing football and personal matters, which made me feel normal, and not isolated.
I sincerely believe that if it wasn't for this team, my situation would not have improved to the extent my convalescence would have been harder and longer. 
For these reasons, I wish their customer service and on a personal note their ‘friendship’ to be acknowledged by myself, and indeed if it is possible by the company. They are all, a total credit to your organsiation, as both individuals and as a cohesive and professional unit, who go above and beyond what would normally be expected in the world of business today.”

 Congratulations team!