In 2019, William Hill and other leading UK gambling companies, together with the Betting and Gaming Council, announced five Safer Gambling Commitments.

These represent a comprehensive set of measures from a wide group of leaders across the sector to support the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms overseen by the Gambling Commission.



Commitment I



Preventing underage gambling and protecting young people
We are determined to do everything in our power to prevent underage gambling and protect young people who gamble online.

Commitment II


Increasing support for treatment of gambling harm
We will support the vital process of increasing access to treatment for those that need it and have committed to work constructively with national stakeholders and experts as they undertake an essential and comprehensive needs assessment.

Commitment III


Strengthening and expanding codes of practice for advertising and marketing
We want to ensure our industry adheres to robust advertising and marketing standards, addressing concern around sports sponsorship, and television and online advertising.

Commitment IV


Protecting and empowering our customers
We will empower our customers to gamble safely through innovative products and tools that enable them to stay in control. Through continuous innovation, we are determined to find solutions, create easy-to-use safer gambling tools, protect financially vulnerable customers and create more consistent approaches to risk management.

Commitment V


Creating a culture of safer gambling
We want safer gambling to be the norm. We will examine our own conduct and values and consider what we can do to encourage safer gambling in our culture.