As part of the 888 Group and as a company operating in a regulated industry, operating with integrity is part of our DNA.

We’re operating in a highly regulated industry, and many aspects of what we do are defined by our regulators.

Our betting and gaming services are enjoyed by customers across numerous markets. Wanting to do as much as we can to ensure that our services are as safe as possible, compliance with regulations in these markets is an essential part of our day-to-day activities. Always making sure that we’re on top of things, our compliance is continually reviewed and monitored.

Treating customers fairly and openly

We want our customers to feel that they are treated fairly and openly. Therefore, we always try to resolve all betting disputes clearly and equitably.

In the UK, when a customer disagrees with our decision, they can refer disputes to free, independent, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Responsible marketing

Socially responsible marketing is critical to ensuring gambling stays fun and safe.

We’re proud to have been part of the BGC’s Advertising and Technology working group that developed and launched, the 6th Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising, designed to further advance new requirements to better protect children and vulnerable consumers online.

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Keeping crime out of gambling

In 2020, we recruited additional core anti-money laundering (AML) staff to ensure that we effectively maintain key policies, processes, and due diligence. We also updated the content of our established retail anti-social behaviour (ASB) workshops to reflect challenges faced by particular shops in areas including gang-related crime and drug dealing.

Last year we worked with Accuity to transform our customer screening approach using advanced AI techniques. The technology delivers a 24/7 customer screening tool that ensures that customers are continually screened against sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) watchlists, and adverse media lists. Our partnership with Accuity enabled us to be the first gambling firm to uphold the same standard of financial crime screening as global banks

Sports betting integrity

As a Board member of the International Betting Integrity Association and a member of the GB Gambling Commission’s Sports Betting Integrity Forum, we continue to be fully and actively engaged in sports betting integrity matters. This includes supporting a number of investigations conducted by sports’ governing bodies.

Human rights

We care about our customers and colleagues. It therefore goes without saying that all our policies comply with relevant laws, ensuring that we always behave ethically and respect the human rights of our employees and other stakeholders in the business. We also carry out most of our activities in jurisdictions where human rights are generally observed.

The Executive Team is satisfied that our policies operate in a way that is consistent with the UN’s Global Compact, covering areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. Our statement on the Modern Slavery Act 2015 was reviewed and updated in February 2021.

Economic contribution to society

We paid a total of £292m in taxes and duties in 2020. In addition, the Group collects taxes on behalf of governments making the total tax contribution in 2020 c.£356m. We also repaid the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme monies to the UK Government, amounting to £24.5m in 2020.

The gambling industry as a whole paid around £3bn in tax to the UK Exchequer, for both 2018/19 and 2019/20.1 The economic contribution of the industry (Gross Value Added) is estimated at £8.7bn in terms of support for the economy.2 The industry employs around 100,000 people in the UK.3


1Source: UK Betting and Gaming Statistics.

2Source: DCMS Economic Estimates 2018 (provisional).

3Source: Gambling Commission Industry Statistics to September 2019.