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William Hill Takes First Bite Of The New Apple

The UK’s number one bookmaker, William Hill, today announces an industry first as they launch their Apple Watch-ready iOS update across nearly 100 countries – the same day as the Watch itself is rolled out.   

The update will allow William Hill’s most technologically savvy customers to set their betting preferences, constantly be aware of the day’s top bets and place their wagers with just a couple of taps on the world’s newest and shiniest Apple product as soon as it is out of the packaging.   

The move is the latest technological innovation from William Hill, whose sportsbook app has been downloaded nearly 3m times.

Jamie Hart, Director of Innovation and Customer Experience said: “We are all about constantly improving the experience for our customers. We have an Innovation Lab full of smart developers who focus on doing that every day. Now, using Glance functionality, William Hill punters can place a bet with just a couple of taps of the Watch – a UK first.” 

William Hill were given the opportunity to work alongside Apple to test the product and whilst doing so, were given an insight as to how they wish to develop the Watch.  

“This is just the beginning for betting on the Watch. We will keep improving it as we keep improving our core sportsbook experience for our punters,” added Hart.

***The Apple Watch is launched on 24th April. The latest update to William Hill’s iOS app is already available for download from the App Store.***



Q&A with Jamie Hart – William Hill’s Head of Innovation and Customer Experience

Why have William Hill decided to create an app so early for the Apple Watch?

We’re all about creating enjoyable and memorable experiences for customers – like placing your first Watch bet the same day as you’ve unboxed it.  We’ve been at the vanguard with all kinds of innovations in online and mobile betting throughout our history so we were always going to make sure this was ready to go.  As long as our customers are investing in new tech, devices and platforms, we’ll be developing things for them – always looking for unique ways to enhance the betting experience.  The fascinating part for the team was establishing which functionality to bring to a wearable – what do punters want to see in Glance view, how do we give punters control of their bet but within a very short user journey?  I think we’ve achieved something really good, and the exciting part for us now is seeing where we can take it in the future as we learn about how customers use the Watch – this is just the beginning.


In which countries will customer be able to place a bet on their Watch? 

Anywhere you can place a bet via your mobile, you can place a bet on your wrist – it’s an update to our existing iOS app.


What functions will the William Hill Apple Watch app perform?

An Apple Watch app has to be relevant to the wearable format – it can't just be about extending your mobile app to the new device because you can. So we thought long and hard about what punters want to be able to do on top of the rich experience that they will still be accessing on their mobile – so, specifically, we’ve created a super-quick route to placing a bet, with just a couple of taps.  And, we’ve incorporated a summary of top bets into the Glance view which lets users take a quick peek at the info that they need most frequently by sweeping upwards on your Watch.  For our punters, top bets will be as accessible as the time or the weather forecast.