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The general election race

In what is arguably the most hotly contested General Election race in decades, bookies William Hill have come up with a novel way for voters to visualise their political allegiance and may be back a winner along the way!

The first Political Derby Stakes, with each of the six greyhounds representing one of the leading parties, will be run at Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium on Friday 30th April, the second night of the 2010 Greyhound Derby Festival.

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain has granted special dispensation for the usual trap numbers to be replaced with the name of each political party. The colour of the racing jacket remains as pertinent as possible to the party colours.

For instance:


"The public have witnessed the various electioneering for more than a month now, and so, with less than a week to go to May 6th, what better way to settle old scores than on a race track from Britain's third most popular spectator sport?" commented Hills spokesman David Hood. "The Political Derby Stakes is one of the first round heats from this year's Greyhound Derby competition, but it also provides a light-hearted look at the election race and the dog-eat-dog world of politics!"

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