Jamie describes himself as ‘bookie, punter, lover of all things betting and owner of a couple of horses in training’. With his passion for gambling, Jamie is the Group’s natural innovator and when not following his horses at the UK’s race tracks can be found in Gibraltar, Australia, Tel Aviv, Nevada or Shoreditch in search of the next great William Hill innovation. Having started in Ladbrokes’ betting shops and then online in Darwin, Australia, he was one of the original William Hill website team back in 1998. Subsequently, he ran Coral’s trading team before being drawn back into the fold in 2008 when he became part of the new William Hill Online team in Gibraltar.

While Jamie’s favourite team is his local footie team, Cambridge United, his favourite bet has to relate to his passion for horseracing: “It’s the communal bet on the last race of any meeting we're at.  It's tradition that we always try to knock one out of the park between us in the lucky last! For a specific bet, though, it would be Spinning World winning the Breeders Cup Mile in 1997.  I'd risked more than I earned in a few months and my life may have taken a very different course if that hadn’t won!”