Please note this is the historical investor centre. William Hill is no longer listed on the London Stock Exchange. It has been acquired by Caesars Entertainment.

The Board supports the ‘comply or explain’ approach set out in the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code), which forms part of the Board’s governance processes. The Code is issued by the Financial Reporting Council and is available on the FRC’s website.

The Board of William Hill is committed to high standards of corporate governance and the Corporate Governance Report, as published in the Annual Report & Accounts 2020, details how William Hill has applied the principles of the 2018 Code and demonstrates how good corporate governance behaviour contributes to the Company’s long-term sustainable success and achievement of its wider strategic objectives. William Hill applies the 2018 Code’s principles of openness, integrity, and accountability, clear definition of reserved matters and delegated authorities. A system of checks and balances exist which mean that no individual has unfettered decision-making power, ensuring transparency and integrity in business.