For architects, developers and testers, this is a brilliant opportunity to work at the edge of gaming innovation.


Delivery. It's more than what it says on the tin. We wouldn't have anything to market without our brilliant delivery teams taking us from start to finish when it comes to our Retail, Trading, Gaming and International releases. All working on the same side to get stuff done together. And speaking of releases, with over 1,000 new a month you certainly won’t be bored in our Delivery team.


If your name’s not down you’re not coming in. Think of us like the tech bouncers of William Hill; and instead of people not getting in it’s viruses, malware and DDoS attacks that we work hard to prevent infecting our systems. Our teams look after monitoring, analysis, education, governance and regulatory work, together with colleagues from other tech disciplines. Join us in security and help us fight to protect our customers and colleagues from cyber attacks.


When we say engineering, what we really mean is Architecture, Development and Testing. Our Trading Apps and Platform handle 5 million price changes a day, with 160TB of data flowing through our network, peaking at 464 bets per second. So we take our tech seriously and we want our colleagues to do so as well. In Architecture, we build what our customers use to bet in shop, online and in app. So that could be creating the app frameworks or designing our global trading platform. 

Our development team work on that platform making sure everything is in place with the right code behind it to work 24/7 for all our betting, gaming and retail customers. Find out more about our teams of Java Developers here

And then in test, we test our work and push it to breaking point, until it breaks and then we test again. Relentless in chasing the highest quality product for our customers. Our agile@scale philosophy helps us collaborate and get the job done right, and efficiently.


The backbone of our Tech function. In Ops, you’ll support our global networks, infrastructure operations delivery, automation, service delivery and desktop services. You might get the chance to work with and support colleagues across the globe, but whatever your role here, a strong focus on service improvement is a must.

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