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Meet Alice I Graduate Internal Auditor in Leeds

Tell us about your role and what it involves:

As an Internal Auditor, I get the opportunity to meet colleagues across all of our divisions, understand their responsibilities and ensure our functions are compliant and effective.

What excites you about working at William Hill?

I love that my job involves meeting new people in different environments and allows me to gain exposure in many areas of the business and understand how it works. With the increased challenges over the last year, it’s been amazing to see how the business has responded first-hand.

How do you go one better every day?

Not everyone is always happy to see internal audit walk through the door, so I always try to present myself in an approachable and personable way and reassure them that we are on the same side. I’m here to help the business identify challenges they may not be aware of, and work with them to remediate these. This works when internal audit partner with the business and have an open and honest relationship.

Can you tell us a bit about your career story?

At university I did a placement at the NHS in one of the Finance teams. This involved meeting numerous clinicians across the Leeds hospitals and presenting in front of audiences. This experience helped me realise that going out and working with different people was something I’m passionate about and wanted to incorporate into future roles. When I applied for the role at William Hill, I was unsure of what would be involved in an internal audit role as it was an area I’ve never had exposure in before. However, after my first interview, William Hill became my first choice and I saw the role in a new light. My proudest moment so far is the positive difference I’ve made within our Compliance teams, particularly our Responsible Gambling team, ensuring regulatory compliance and how we interact with our customers.

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