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Joanna I QA Engineer in Customer Engagement, Krakow.

Of course she loves the tech and transformation, but it’s the people and diversity that makes the work environment exciting.

Tell us about your role and what it involves:

As a QA Engineer I am responsible for delivering accurate and clear information on the quality of software products our team develops and maintains. It allows us to make sure we shape the product, and that it meets certain requirements and highest standards before it reaches the customer.

What excites you about tech at William Hill?

The transformation of William Hill’s tech is very interesting to be part of; there are big changes, and opportunities to touch various technology stacks. But apart from technology - the diversity of personalities, nations and people’s attitudes I can meet in William Hill every day is what makes the work environment even more exciting.

Which projects are you most proud of that you’ve worked on here?

From my start at William Hill I have mostly worked in projects that were in maintenance phase. It was the opportunity to jump into and learn processes that were already in full swing.  What I do now is quite different, as I participate in developing a new product - redesigned and consistent MyAccount. Working on growing the product, on refining its functionalities and having a real impact on how the final result looks like, and what the customer will experience interacting with it - this is exciting. I am proud of being a part of all these projects. Why? Because all of them are different, allow me to gain varied expertise in QA field. I believe each of them provided value, and improved the customers’ impression of the William Hill brand.

How do you go one better every day?

Going one better every day when working with my Y-Nots team is an easy ride, as they are all real professionals and great team players. I can learn from them and improve my tech skills on daily basis. But being aware of what I want to achieve in the next few years, I take part in training and workshops to acquire not only technical but also soft skills - both are equally required.

Can you tell us a bit about your career story?

I studied two faculties - the first was Math’s and Natural Sciences and the other one Physiotherapy. My career story started in the latter field, but after a few years of working as a physiotherapist I decided to have a try in a profession that will allow me to combine my past professional experience with the skills I developed studying Math’s. And I was seeking for a challenge that would allow me to work with people, vent my curiosity of IT technologies, use my knowledge but also learn and develop brand new skills. Consequently 2 years ago I got my first job in software quality field. I worked at manual QA position for a small company and was the only software tester in the team, so the responsibility and the scope of duties was rather big - but not overwhelming for me. I took it as a challenge. Since challenges motivate me and inspire to search for new knowledge, I started digging deeper into software testing technologies and found out that learning programming language and testing frameworks is also a great fun. Soon a friend of mine encouraged me to apply for a QA position in William Hill. And that’s how the journey started.