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The Big Spin

We went #behindthebet with James Tabberer, our eGaming Marketing Manager to find out more about the BIG SPIN, our exciting new offering from William Hill Vegas. He explains how it works and how we’ll bring it to life on our promotional comms.
So, what is the BIG SPIN?

A brand-new promotion that invites all new and existing Vegas customers to take a free BIG SPIN for a chance to win free spins, bonuses, plus a huge £10k cash prize. Better still, if you stake £10 the day before, you can unlock the MEGA SPIN, for a better chance of winning bigger prizes. There’s thousands of prizes up for grabs every day of the promotion, which runs from the 23 October until the 19 November. The promotion will be supported by a fully integrated campaign including TV, VoD, digital display, social and CRM.

Where did the idea come from?

The BIG SPIN takes its inspiration from the Wheel of Fortune, a popular game that will resonate with lots of our customers. Of course, we wanted to deliver something bigger and better than what’s been done before. The Vegas city featured in our TV ad gave us the perfect platform to elevate the game to new heights.

How will we bring the BIG SPIN to life?

In our TV ad, the BIG SPIN is presented as an exciting new attraction to Vegas. As we navigate the city (courtesy of a cool, Ford Mustang style muscle car), the BIG SPIN wheel dominates the Vegas skyline, symbolic of the size of the promotion. An American male voice over artist is used to deliver our messages, supported by an upbeat music track, helping to tie the theme together. The end result is a very eye catching and impactful ad that demands the attention.

The same high standards have been set for all our promotional communications, where we have made sure that our theme and key messages are delivered to best possible effect.

What have we done to go one better?

From the TV ad, to the user interface, we’ve worked closely with our agency and William Hill Creative to ensure that our BIG SPIN wheel and design style is presented consistently and effectively.

The user experience of the game in particular is a big step on from what we’ve achieved before. The promotional page animates to introduce the BIG SPIN and features a re-mix of TV music track for a stronger experience and connection to the TV ad. The customer spins the wheel with their finger and the flapper dramatically slows to a stop, to reveal their prize.

What is PowerPlay?

We wanted to end the campaign with a bang and that’s where the BIG SPIN POWER PLAY phase comes in. For the final two weeks of the promotion (20 November to 4 December) customers can take a free boosted spin for a chance to better prizes and £50k in cash! This phase of the campaign will again supported by through the line promotional comms, including an updated TV ad.

When can I see the TV ad first? 

Right here of course, click here to take a look.