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Our new live Casino is... live!

We went #behindthebet with James Tabberer, our eGaming Marketing Manager, who walked us through the creative journey we’ve been through to arrive at our beautifully crafted, new Live Casino studio and brand style. 

So how did it all start? 

We were briefed towards the end of last year to create a design concept for our new Live Casino customer proposition. This consisted of two new casinos; William Hill Live Casino and William Hill Vegas. The idea was to build the development of the new studios into the process of defining our new brand style.

From the get go, we were all excited by the size of the opportunity; we could really delight customers and shake up the marketplace with a new, state-of-the art, exclusive William Hill Live Casino experience. Better still, we had an unprecedented chance to leverage the studio environments to define our new brand style (using photography), allowing us to create promotional comms that would really resonate with our customers.

How did we approach the project? 

This was very much a big team effort across multiple suppliers and internal teams. We started working with a new creative agency, CreativeRace, who specialise in photography, plus developing brand concepts and guidelines. Working closely with them, the product team and Evolution (who build and operate our casinos), we established the creative brief, plus a multi-phased plan to develop and build the casinos and our new brand guidelines. This included the provision of the photography shoot.

What was the creative brief? 

For William Live Casino, it was to take inspiration from our brand to create a premium, stylish and sophisticated state-of-the-art casino that delivers the very best, classic casino experience. For William Hill Vegas, it was to create a modern and vibrant casino environment that offers an entertaining twist on the traditional casino experience.

How did we go from concept to our new Live Casino? 

Once the casino concepts were approved, we handed over the designs to Evolution to build the new studios, starting with William Hill Live Casino.

From the background wall light effects and dealer uniforms, to the floor tiles and roulette turret, we worked with CreativeRace and Evolution to help ensure every detail was executed true to the concept and to the highest possible standard.

Why did we do a photography shoot and how did we create our new brand style? 

Live Casino is all about experiencing the thrills of table games, wherever you are. There is no better way to showcase our new casino and the live experience than through high quality, authentic photography. So we organised a four day shoot in Riga and captured a range of images; from welcome shots and action shots, to close up and brand shots, we’ve got everything covered.

The photography we have captured is integral to our new brand guidelines and how we promote Live Casino to new and existing customers. The end result will be eye catching promotional communications that will really cut through and bring our live proposition to life.

What’s next?

The new Live Casino went live on the 9 October and our new look User Interface and brand style went live on the 17 October. William Hill Vegas casino is being built and another photography shoot is being organised for early December. Here we’ll be looking to capture even more high-quality photography, to showcase the Vegas proposition and to give us more variety in our promotional comms.