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Career spotlight on Sarah - celebrating our WOW

We like to celebrate all our colleagues and especially our #WOW (Women of William Hill) so we run career spotlight interviews so we can share their stories with you.

Career Spotlight:

Sarah Jones


Release Manager, Service Transition, Group

Length of Service:

Almost 10 years

What got you here?

In June this year I will have been with William Hill 10 years having started as a Release Analyst. My commitment to the team, along with the knowledge and experience I gained, all formed the foundations for my promotion to Release Manager in June 2012.

What's been your biggest career challenge?

I would say this has been my return to work following two maternity leaves. My second saw my return just last week after 13 months away. Not only does it take time to settle back into the role, understanding the changes that have taken place both from a people point of view and processes but there is certainly an element of guilt that my boys have no longer got a full time mummy and their daily routines have to change to fit it with my working days.

I know from my first maternity leave that this all settles down and the new routine quickly becomes the norm for everyone, however the guilt remains!

Best piece of Career Advice?

I have always tried to establish good relationships with everyone across the business - my team, peers and senior management. By nature I’m a friendly, happy and trusting person so I convey that in my relationships at work to ensure that I have good foundations to build on when working together. We're all on the same side.