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Meet Sarah

We caught up with Sarah Barnett, Retail Leadership and Talent Manager to hear her career story and find out how she's got to where she is today.

Tell us about your role and what it involves:

My role involves helping people realise their potential and designing development solutions to help them get there. It’s about strengthening our talent pipeline across Retail making we have the right people in the right place, at the right time. I’m also a #WoW (Woman of William Hill) and recently set up our two WoW events on International Women’s Day to celebrate the fantastic colleagues we have in the business.

How do you go one better every day?

Always ask the question – be curious. That’s how we all challenge how things have been done and go one better to make improvements going forward. Starting in a new business has reminded me to continue to ask why (much to the delight of the people who sit near me!) but sometimes when you just get into a routine, you forget to ask why and you just end up accepting that’s how it is.

Can you tell us a bit about your career story? This might be what got you to William Hill? Your biggest challenge? Your career highlight?

I’m now 6 months into this new role and came from similar role in a large food Retailer. What stood out most about William Hill is the people. The passion, enthusiasm, the ‘straight to the point, no nonsense’ culture, it’s fantastic. If you want to do something, do it. Sometimes you can take that for granted, but joining a business like this is refreshing. My biggest highlight so far has definitely been the #WoW events. It was a great example of a simple idea where a group of people pulled together to delivered two fantastic events and encourage a network of female leaders to support each other, ask questions and share their stories. I’m really passionate about breaking down the barriers and helping people realise their potential. It will always be the right person for the job, but let’s all help each other and push each other up to get the best for you as an individual, and the business.