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Meet Richard

We caught up with Richard Whitehead, one of our Regional Gaming Managers (RGM), to find out how he has ‘owned it’ in his career at William Hill.

"During my 20 years at William Hill I have faced many hurdles regarding job progression, I began as a Saturday cashier in Beverley whilst at University. Once I had completed my degree, I transferred across to the North West, during the next two years I managed to progress to shop manager and into a high grade shop in Southport. Following this I believed my next step was into a DOM (District Manager Role), I got onto the Shop Manager Development Programme and saw my career path mapped out. However, during a secondment I let others influence my decisions too much and didn’t succeed in the role.

Following this I then went back into the shop manager role, but with the thinking that I would progress and get another opportunity fairly soon, but following a good 10 interviews over a four or five year period I was left looking to pastures new. I applied to other businesses and jobs, looking for another path to take, with one opportunity to work for Tesco, but at the final hurdle when they asked why them, I could not think of any reason to leave William Hill and go to them.

At this point I refocused on my progression with a new vigour, I took my career into my hands, moved areas to work, got onto the National Colleague Forum, made a good relationship with Kev Matthews (gaming manager) and made it my ambition to get the next gaming position. I spent a couple of days with Kev, asked my DOM Mark Beacham to help with interview technique and practiced answers over and over to enable me to get the job. I was successful in achieving a secondment to the end of 2016, but the restructure hit and was successful at claiming a BPM (Business Performance Manager) role. Following the success in the gaming role in 2016, where the Area finished top of the company against plan, I applied for the permanent position of RGM and was successful.

It may have taken a while, but ultimately I didn’t let failure get in the way of my next career goal."