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Meet Peter | Java Developer

We went #behindthebet with Peter, one of our Java developers in Leeds. He's worked on almost all our big ticket items including Self Service Betting Terminals and our US expansion. Read his story right here: 
Can you tell us about your role and what it involves: 

Luckily, being a backend developer at WH does not only mean coding every day. We frequently participate in meetings, elaboration sessions, get to discuss architectural matters and improve our technical skills on a regular basis. As a junior developer, my daily work is facilitated by more experienced members of the team who are always keen to answer my questions. 

What excites you about tech at William Hill? 

At WH, we are given the opportunity to explore buzz words such as Java 11, Spring Boot,Functional and Reactive programming, GraphQL and AWS. 

Which projects are you most proud of that you’ve worked on here? 

I was lucky enough to work on one the greatest products of WH Retail, namely the SSBTs (Self-Service Betting Terminal). Delivering in-play football betting to World Cup 2018 on SSBTs was huge for me and the team, especially after seeing how much attention it drew in the shops. 
Currently, I am involved in creating a B2B solution - targeting the US market - that provides real-time betting information to clients. 

How do you go one better every day? 

As long as I am focused on living up to the requirements set by my team, I will surely go one better every day.

Tell us a bit about your career story: 

When I first applied to a job offered by WH, I was a Uni student with 7 months of work experience and not even living in the UK. To my greatest surprise, a lovely gentleman from WH called me back and asked about my professional skills, my personality and my motivation to make a move. Shortly after another phone interview with a technical colleague I received an invitation to visit the tech hub in Leeds. My first impression of the environment was great so I was delighted by the positive feedback. My relocation was also generously supported by WH. I feel very fortunate that I ended up here where my career development is undoubtedly ensured.

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