Online General Talent

Meet Nick

From Property Management to Web Analytics. We caught up with Nick Takashima to find out more about him and his role.

What team are you in?

I joined the Web Analytics team in November 2017

Where are you based?

One Bedford Avenue, London

What area of the business are you in?

I oversee the Adobe DMP (Data Management Platform), the new “martech” kid on the block which anyone and everyone is starting to use. The agility of this platform means my work overlaps with many different teams, such as Marketing, Programmatic, Analytics, CRM, SEO, PPC, Social, CRO.

What are your main responsibilities?

Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the DMP. It can be split into three areas in its simplest form. Collecting data, sorting data, and sending data.

We use this data to customise/optimise all of our marketing channels. On-site banners, promo pages, landing pages, e-mails, SMS, push notifications, virtual inbox, display advertising, all fine-tuned to provide the best and most relevant, user experience.

How do you Go one better every day?

Test test test! Dyson, Jobs, Mercedes F1, Pixar – all famous for re-testing everything over and over again to fine-tune their products and strategy. Slow starters, but quick finishers. I’ll go one better by making sure William Hill does this with the DMP. I want to flip the formula and let go of traditional tactics - intuition, or standard competitive analysis, or rely on “this is how it’s been done for ages”.

Our roadmap will be fluid at best, constantly evolving and fine-tuning itself. Cumulative adaptation is going to be key to getting ahead of the competition!

Can you tell us a bit about your career story?

I started off with a degree in Property Management. Then became a graphic/website designer, which is how I fell into advertising. Then I realised my creative side is put to better use in product development, which is how I fell into the data race and became fascinated with DMP’s. My biggest career highlight is coming up in May 2018. I’ll be talking at the Adobe Summit about Data Science and DMP’s. FYI - I’m terrified of public speaking.