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Meet Lee | Senior Java Developer

We went #behindthebet with Senior Java Developer in Retail, Lee Newfeld, based in Leeds - he's loved the latest tech since getting his 10th birthday present. Check out his story here:

Tell us about your role and what it involves...

I’m in a “squad” working on building the next generation Tills that will appear in our Retail shops in the future.

What excites you about tech at William Hill? 

We’re a modern software house with a good handle on what that entails - great collaboration, great DevOps tooling, great architecture, and agility!

The end-products are pretty cool too! – custom hardware with touch-screens, scanners (barcode, NFC, images), printers, etc

Which projects are you most proud of that you’ve worked on here? 

The current one is coming along very nicely!  Aside from that, I’ve got some good memories of my time working on the “Self-Service Betting Terminal” - that’s our in-house developed device you’ll see in any of our shops – they allow a Customer to browse the Sportsbook, place a bet, etc.

How do you go one better every day?

By constantly focusing on elevating the team’s capabilities – whether that’s by jumping over to a whiteboard to thrash out some aspect of design, or by refactoring some code to make it easier to understand or extend, or elaborating on a “User Story” so we all stay on the same page.

Can you tell us a bit about your career story? 

I’ve been building IT systems professionally since the early 90’s – and as a hobby since unwrapping my Sinclair ZX80 on my 10th birthday!  The first program I ever wrote (well, copied from the getting started guide...) captured my imagination and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What?  You want to know what the program did?  It prompted me to enter a number, and then proceeded to display it’s times table… *mind blown*

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