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Career spotlight on Katerina - celebrating our WOW

It's International Women’s Day this Thursday and we're celebrating it our way. We're starting by celebrating our WOW (Women Of William Hill)

Career Spotlight:

Katerina Krasteva


Russian & Rest of the World Customer Service Manager, Online.

Length of Service:

Almost 10 years.

What got you here?

I started back in 2009 as Customer Support Representative with Greek language. Since then I have taken over the Shift Leader and Team manager role in CS English and RoW teams before I reached my current destination - Russian & RoW CS. A lot of hard work for sure.

What would you consider most challenging about your role?

The team manager role in CS Bulgaria is quite diverse and this is exactly what I like about it - I don't see challenges, I see opportunities.

I manage documentation, prepare schedules, monitor Key Performance Indicators and targets, conduct one-to-ones, team meetings, performance reviews, organize ad-hoc training sessions, interview candidates for vacancy roles, work on CS process improvement, coach and motivate direct reports, tackle any organisational and behavioural issues within the team and liaise with representatives from other teams for cross-functional projects/initiatives.

The key to success in my role is to be able to make decisions and stand behind them. Last but not least, be really keen on people management.

Best piece of career advice?

The best piece of career advice I could give to anyone is to always challenge the status quo. Think, how can this be done better? And lastly - always put your words and intentions into practice - actions speak louder than words. "It'll do" will never do.