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Career spotlight on Despina - celebrating our WOW

We like to celebrate all our colleagues and especially our #WOW (Women of William Hill) so we run career spotlight interviews so we can share their stories with you.

Despina Kokkaraki, Head of Customer Strategies for Online, has been an inspiration to the team she works with, and truly has a passion for what she does: "I ended up in CRM early on in my career and haven’t regretted it."


Head of Customer Strategies, Customer Relationship Management, Online

Length of service:

Two and a half years

What got you here?

I started off pursuing a career as an interpreter and academic research work using my Interpretation Degree from Geneva and my Comparative Linguistics Master Degree but along the way I got involved with Sales and Marketing and that was it. I ended up in CRM early on in my career and haven’t regretted it as it is a function that keeps getting momentum in big corporations as well as small start-ups given that retaining a customer is strategically more sound than to do the acquisition cycle all again.

Best piece of career advice?

Go after your vision and set goals along the way that are aspirational yet within the realm of reality of the business environment one is in.