Online General Talent

Meet Ant

As part of our #behindthebet stories we met with Ant Ladislaus about his role and what he loves about working at William Hill.
What you do for your role?

I’m part of the William Hill Online legal team and also Company Secretary for Online. As part of the legal team we’re privileged to work with all parts of the business at all levels from customer and supplier disputes, to regulatory work across the jurisdictions we accept business from, to advising on the marketing team’s new and exciting campaigns.

There’s so much that goes on in William Hill and being involved in the background in a lot of that is incredibly fulfilling.

When you see a project go live, a dispute resolved or you hear colleagues talk about a new piece of software that has made their working lives better that makes the effort worthwhile.

What is a typical day like?

One of the attractions of working somewhere like William Hill as opposed to a law firm is that there’s no such thing as a typical day.

With so much going on in the business it’s difficult to plan what a day will hold; we roll with it! You can start a day with a plan and the best of intentions to fulfil it but by 9am you’re already off on a tangent dealing with another matter or a change of the law in a jurisdiction. By midday you’ve already dealt with 10 different areas of law and 10 different areas of the business and had to make "on the spot" decisions.

It’s high intensity, it can get quite stressful, but it’s all worthwhile when you see the success on site, on mobile and in shops!

How you deliver for our customers?

Legal is a bit funny like that. Our customers aren’t the men and women that use William Hill’s website, app and visit our shops. Our customers are our colleagues. We provide legal services to William Hill; that means everyone who works for us – our job could be described as doing everything possible to make our colleagues' jobs easier.

It can get quite hard at times as we’ve got so much specialist expertise in niche areas across many fields. We aim to try and understand what our colleagues do, the importance of their job within the William Hill world, and how the work they have asked us to do affects their team’s contribution to the business.

We appreciate that ‘tech speak’ and ‘legal speak’ are two very different languages. It’s like trying to have a conversation where one person only speaks and understands English and the other only speaks and understands German. That said, the beauty of humans is that our ability to communicate transcends traditional languages and the legal team try and do our best to distill ‘legalese’ to a plain English that our colleagues can understand.