Retail Talent General

We hear from Ruth, a Business Performance Manager (BPM) from our Biggar shop as she shares her career story and development with us

"I’ve worked for William Hill for nearly eight years starting as a part-time cashier while studying and working my way up to becoming CEM (Customer Experience Manager) in our Biggar shop and part of the Colleague Forum team for the area.

I applied for the Managing For Success (MfS) development programme after three years as a manager as I felt that I had gained many new skills within my CEM role but was ready for a new challenge.  The new Business Performance Manager (BPM) role in Retail made a step-up feel much more achievable for me, and still incorporated the elements of the shop environment that I enjoyed. I would still be involved in the atmosphere in shops and being part of the shop teams but would have new learning and development opportunities in  a new role.

In preparation for the interview I focused on things I had been involved in during my time managing a shop that I felt showed the skills transferrable to the BPM role, whether each situation was a success story or not I could use these as examples to answer the situational questions within the interview and explain how I would approach things on reflection.

I was successful in my application and started on the MfS course and spent a lot of time with my various BPMs which gave me a great insight into what the job looked like and the things I would be involved in. I used these experiences of working alongside other BPMs to build up a picture of what kind of BPM I would aim to be and approached the role from the perspective of who I would like to have supporting me as a CEM or CEA in shops.

I was appointed as BPM for Cluster 443 half way through the MfS course which was unexpected but I felt I had attended a few of the workshops, each of which I got a lot out of and found them to be very well structured and reflective of the role, and spent time with BPMs so I was equipped to be able to give it a good shot.

I feel that getting the foundations right firstly was very important within the cluster, having the right people in the right places had to be my first objective and making sure we had solid teams in the shops would in turn boost morale, work life balance and the results would start to show on dashboards and mystery shopper reports."

Area Manager Willie Black says: “ Ruth has fitted seamlessly into the Area team and has delivered some fantastic results in the cluster already.   In the final quarter the cluster establishment has been met, it has had the best Customer Service and Age Verification scores of the year and in engagement the cluster has gone from the one of the worst in company to the one of the best with the top Engagement Index score in Region 10 for any cluster of 72%.   Overall I’m really pleased with the training and development that has been provided by the Managing for Success programme.”

Thanks for sharing your story Ruth.