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Join James behind the bet

We’re hiring a Data Architect in Leeds.
Meet James, who’s climbing the career ladder in tech.

I’m a Data Architect, and have been with William Hill for two years. I joined as an ETL BI Developer, at a time when our data platform (which was built in house) had recently gone live. There was lots of change going on, and development needed to be done quickly. I was working closely with our Data Architect at the time, and spotted an opportunity to do some Architecture work myself to help the team out.


I took it upon myself to study, read around the subject, and improve my skills. I was given a project which involved transferring Retail shop data onto the platform, and this allowed me to gather requirements, work with a brand new data source and new users, and integrate a new piece of work onto the platform. It went well – or at least I think it did – as I was offered the role on a permanent basis, and haven’t looked back since.


I love the techy and data elements of what I do. I’ve always been analytical, and have used my interest in data to make improvements to processes in previous jobs, as well as this one. So this role really does suit people who’ve got a genuine interest in data – and the belief that it’s integral to a successful business.


Being an architect means that I get to know people across the business, and also get to travel. Our Decision Science and Marketing teams are among my main stakeholders, and they’re based in London and Gibraltar.


We’re looking for a new Data Architect, as our team is pretty busy and we could do with another expert pair of hands. It’s a demanding role, but I thrive on the pace. We like to work with people who can think on their feet and work collaboratively. It can be fast and furious, but fun too.


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