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Ben's account of VMWorld 2018

A couple of my colleagues, Matt, Sarah and I, were lucky enough to make a trip to VMWare’s  Annual conference -  VMWorld - in November.

For those that do not know what VMware is, VMware is William Hill’s technology choice for virtualising servers. The software allows William Hill to produce servers at a fraction of the prices a traditional infrastructure. At present approx. 80% of William Hill’s infrastructure operates on VMware. So you can imagine how pivotal the product is to William Hill.

At VMworld , VMware made announcements around VMware Cloud on AWS, further development around cloud automation services for both On-Prem and AWS; a number of new technologies (Log intelligence and Wavefront) and a big announcement that VMware had made an acquisition of Heptio. Heptio is a container, open source technology company which work with enterprise companies to build “next generation” platforms. This is very exciting news for William Hill as Heptio’s ethos and the William Hill strategies are very much in line. This will give William Hill the opportunity to leverage the VMware agreement we have and possible use heptio.

We also had the opportunity to meet separately with the Exec teams of both AWS and VMWare to discuss our journey to the cloud and it was great to get commitment from both teams to work with us as partners on our journey to the public cloud.  The meeting truly had a one-team feel about it.

Announcements were made about the VSphere and NSX technologies and regarding the upgrades that have been made. This was very interesting for our private cloud platform as we use this technology inside our private cloud.

Before our journey to VMworld we were asked by VMware if William Hill would do a joint session with VMware around a technology we are pioneering called NSX-T and containers. NSX-T is a network virtualisation product in which William Hill are in the process of deploying. William Hill are the first team in the world to have migrated from NSX-V to NSX-T and it is our intention to integrate this solution into our container platform to create a AWS ECS type platform for William Hill on premise cloud.

You can watch the session here -


A very informative VMworld 2018.  It is clear VMware are fully aligned with AWS which is a key part of William Hill’s strategies. New technologies and updates have allowed us to come back to our jobs and start to distribute the knowledge and also ask questions, start ideas and innovate more in what will be the “best betting platform on the market”.