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A day in the life of Phil from our Customer Service Hub

Last week we launched Online's most ambitious, collaborative and exciting headline campaign ever for the World Cup. This week we start to meet the teams behind the promotion with a 'Day in the life' of the Customer Services Hub team in Manila.
Phil Connolly, Hub and Improvement manager shares a day in the life of his team in the lead up to, and during the online scratchcard promotion.

"The Scratch of the Day work for the team started the week before the launch, with the attendance of the Operational Readiness calls hosted by Dan Bradley, Connor McNally and the Gaming Team. From the calls, meetings and feedback sessions we created our own JIRA page specifically for our Customer Services (CS) teams. A JIRA page is essentially a knowledge repository that we own for CS. Our CS colleagues use it as an online bible/knowledge source that stores all business updates, CS processes, promotions, templates etc. Ideally, for every contact or query one of our colleagues receives, the answer should be in there. We also work hard to ensure our CS teams are aware of the promotion before it goes live.

This year we have created a ‘Scratch of the Day’ tarp that includes our daily offers and also worked with our Operations and Quality Team to produce briefers and templates that are shown on our TV’s. During the day, we also produce our ‘Hub Hacks’ which are bitesize snippets of vital information around all areas of the promotion. #ownit

Once the day starts, it’s all hands on deck. Early morning we are in the office to produce the ‘Daily Summary’. This is the report that includes all contacts related to the offer from the previous day. We provide high level numbers around key contact types and read through chats to ensure we are presenting an accurate picture to the business.

Alongside the daily feedback, we also work with the Gaming Operations team throughout the day highlighting any areas or issues that our customers raise. It’s vitally important that Dan and his team hear what is happening as soon as it happens, to ensure we are providing the best experience for our customers #onthesameside #eyesonthecustomer

The World Cup is huge and we are going one better to make sure we help win it for William Hill."

So, what position do you play at William Hill? 

I currently manage the CS Hub. We have a team of 13 box to box midfielders based across Manila, Sofia and Gibraltar. We sit on the improvement side of the CS function. 

What does it mean to you to be “behind the bet” for our biggest ever promotion, and for an event like the World Cup?

We’ve been involved from an early stage in the ‘Scratch of the Day’ promotion. It’s great to be a part of something and see something of this scale come together. I’ve had friends and family that have taken up the offer and they all had really positive feedback – Going out of their way to let me know which is a first. It’s important that we don’t rest on our laurels though and keep producing throughout the World Cup and after the World Cup.

How have you and your team gone one better to make sure our customers get the best experience possible during SOTD?

A huge part of the work we do is getting our CS teams ready for go-live. We need to make sure our agents have all of the information needed to ensure our customers are getting the best experience possible if they have to contact us. This year we’ve prepared daily ‘Hub’ hacks, created our ‘Scratch of the Day’ tarp, among other activities keeping us busy.

Have you seen any changes here brought about by World Cup Fever? 

I’m based out in Manila, and the office is full of colour, excitement and an eagerness to make sure we deliver for our customers. Across the business, I’ve also noticed a lot more collaboration between teams and an invested interest in supporting each other. There is nothing like a world cup and it looks to have galvanised everyone.

If you could make a World Cup song, who would you choose as your lead singer?

John Barnes. England got to the semi-finals in Italy in 1990 and John Barnes had a cameo in ‘World in Motion’ – just imagine if he had a full song?

Finally, who’s going to win?

England. You have to dream big.