What goes on behind the betting process

Ever wondered how the betting process really works? Here’s your chance to find out by going behind the bet.

Before the start

Even before the betting process actually starts, our support and IT functions are on-hand to make sure that everything runs smoothly and is ready to go.

We have a complex range of IT systems which keep everything on-the-go in our shops, support functions, online and mobile. As a business that relies so heavily on advanced technology, IT is vital to everything that we do – as are our other support departments such as human resources and finance.

In fact, in such a fast-paced environment, our support services need to be as dynamic as the betting markets themselves.

Gathering information

Our customers bet against odds. But, first, we need to compile those odds.

We do that by gathering sports news and insight from all over the world. Our Compiling Team is made up of experts in their fields who gather and analyse that information.

Modelling prices

To turn our insights into odds that customers can bet against, our Quantitative Data Analysts and Data Modelling Team predict what is likely to happen during any given sporting event.

From the number of tackles in a football match to the amount of aces in a Wimbledon final, they use Quantitative Data Analysis and Data Modelling. This provides the actual odds that people can bet against.

Sharing the odds

We need to make sure the odds are right there at people’s fingertips, up-to-date and accurate at all times. Our Data Team does this by taking the odds provided by our Compiling and Data Modelling teams and putting the information onto our systems.

We are then able to display the markets and prices for our shops and online Sportsbook.

Building the excitement

Once the odds and prices are online and in our shops, our Marketing Team builds the excitement with our customers – especially around some of our bigger sporting events.

There are only a few days between odds being created and the day of the event, so this is a fast-paced and challenging area.

Bringing it to life

Once the Marketing Team has worked its magic, the story of the bet moves on to our Broadcast Team. They’re an innovative and creative bunch who like to stay ahead of the curve – in fact, they ensured we were the first bookmakers to do online radio, TV broadcast, podcasts and video walls.

It’s their job to produce the content for screen displays, live TV, online and shop radio. We want to give our customers betting information that is also entertaining and engaging, and the team is made up of people from bookmaking backgrounds as well as those with experience in broadcasting, including Television and Radio Producers, Video Editors and Graphic Operators.

Customers place bets

Now that everyone’s up on the latest events, odds and prices, it’s time for customers to place their bets.

Customers can bet in our shops, over the phone, via the mobile app, or through William Hill online.

The whistle blows. The tape goes up. The lights go green. The big event gets going, and it’s time to cross those fingers as customers everywhere wait to see how the event unfolds. But our work doesn’t stop there.

We’re constantly monitoring the state of play and adjusting the odds.

Following the action

When an event goes live, prices start to move according to what our customers are betting on and what’s happening in the markets. This is called trading. Our In-Play Betting service is support by our specialist IS Team, Advanced Trading Systems. Our Trading Systems adjust the odds and prices for customers to bet on during the event.

The data our Traders produce not only appears online. It also supports Marketing activity and is fed into our Data Modelling Team. This means as an event progresses, our prices adjust accordingly and our online Sportsbook updates right up until the final result.

Racetrack adjustments

Racing Management monitor the odds on the course. They adjust position based on prices, market conditions and volume of money to make an informed decision. The team also trade on racecourses as William Hill bookmakers. It’s all done in real time and they need to know their customers.

It’s all about striking the right balance between offering customers the best odds and making sure we manage our liability.

Customers pick up their winnings

The betting process ends when our customers collect their winnings. It’s a great feeling when our customers win. What’s more, it’s a fast-moving process that takes a diverse mix of skills and personalities behind the bet to make it happen.

Without our support teams, we couldn’t offer the great service that keeps our customers coming back for more. To see the role that you could play behind the bet, why not search our latest jobs in UK Retail and in Groupwide Careers.