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Meet Adil

Meet Adil from our Global Trading Platform team based in Leeds. We went behind the bet and found out a little bit more about Adil and his life at William Hill.

What did you do before your joined William Hill?

I was a full-time student and a Research Demonstrator at the University of Bedfordshire.

Why William Hill?

The job drew me up to Leeds. I liked the fact that William Hill is one of the biggest brands in betting. There seemed to be lots of opportunity to learn and expand. It's a fascinating industry with busy systems, and I was intrigued to find out how technology on such a big scale could be maintained. Especially with a  non- stop website - it's a real challenge to keep the system up and running 24/7 and 365.24219 days a year. 

What’s your career journey so far?

I started as a Graduate Software Test Engineer in the Gaming channel in May 2014. After 11 months I was promoted to a Software Test Engineer in the Trading channel, working in GTP (Global Trading Platform) team. I have since had another promotion to a more senior role in the same channel, and I have now got more responsibility. I see myself with the company for the foreseeable future. Moreover, while working Full-time I am also studying Part-time and currently I am pursuing my MPhil in Computer Science. During my studies, I also had the opportunity to write a Journal paper and I am proud to say that I have now one journal publication under ACM Computers in Entertainment.

What’s been your highlight?

Joining the GTP (Global Trading Platform) team - this is what I wanted to do when I joined the company. it's like a dream come true and I am lucky to be part of an amazing project.

What advice would you give to thinking of a career in test?

Apply! Prepare well for your interview by researching the company to learn about what we do.