A big day for everyone

It was the fight to end all fights and a massive night for our US business. We caught up with our VP of Public Relations and Marketing, Michael Grodsky to find out the impact an event of this scale had on our business:

“The fight on Saturday was our largest decision, in any sport, in William Hill US history.  Like everyone else, we needed a Mayweather victory.  It was a very big Saturday on what is traditionally a slower weekend leading up to the start of the American Football season.   It will end up as the second biggest event of the year for William Hill US – just behind the Super Bowl.
 We received a lot of publicity from one of our customers making the largest bet in Nevada on the fight, $1,200,000 on Mayweather.  The total impact of the fight will still be measured for a long time to come as it generated a surge of new mobile accounts and the reactivation of quite a few old customers that we hadn’t seen in years.”

it was a really big night for us and our customers and our colleagues really stepped up to the plate to get a brilliant job done.