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From Wroclaw to Leeds (via Java, Kafka and the Yorkshire Dales)

Adam joined William Hill in January 2015 from Poland. Here’s his story so far.

I was contacted about the Senior Java Developer role at William Hill when I was contracting as a developer for Capgemini in Poland. I hadn’t been considering moving to the UK, but the job and company sounded interesting, so I decided to speak to them and find out more. 

Travelling over for my interview was easy, and was paid for by William Hill. The interview involved a practical coding exercise, an architectural scenario, and some questions about my soft skills. I met people from their Trading and Retail Development teams, which were both hiring. This gave me the chance to learn about the business and see which team was the best fit for my skills.

My girlfriend and I rented an apartment from a friend of someone who worked for William Hill. The company paid for my deposit and first month’s rent in advance, and also gave me advice about setting up a bank account. I started in my new job in the new year, and my new team welcomed me with open arms. Everyone was helpful and accepted me straight away. I was pleased to find another Polish Developer in my team!

The technology we use is great (particularly Java 8 and Kafka) and we work on interesting projects. I’m able to make architectural and design decisions, and I enjoy seeing the end result – like our Global Sports Trading Platform.

If you’re thinking of coming to the UK – Leeds is a good city to choose. There are loads of nice places to visit and enjoy the countryside, and you can fly from Leeds or Manchester to several airports in Poland. There’s a vibrant IT community and lots of meetups… not to mention lots of good pubs!

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