Our products are powered by the latest tech stack

Our products are powered by the latest tech stack
Building software that process billions of requests every day with millisecond latency requires the latest technologies and software development methodologies:
  • Our whole front-end is real-time and developed using Websockets & JavaScript frameworks React/Redux, Saga
  • We build exciting things in Java, Scala, Node.js and PHP
  • To support our demanding data pipeline we rely on Kafka, RabbitMQ, Redis, DynamoDB, CouchBase, Cassandra, Riak, Akka
  • We work in a mobile world with technologies like Swift and Kotlin
  • So we keep everything working smoothly we depend on Zabbix, Ansible, Docker, Puppet, Terraform, Zookeeper, Consul and most of our products are deployed on AWS
  • We care about quality, so we test each project with automated tests using RestAssured, Selenium, socket.io, Gatling, RobotFramework in Continuous Integration

And if there's anything here you're not sure about, don't worry - we'll train you up.