At William Hill, we do right by our people - both our colleagues and our customers, and with feedback from our talented team, we have recently refreshed our People Strategy. It ties into our values and aims to create a two-way, high-trust culture. It’s built around three key initiatives: Balance, Belong, and Build.


BALANCE: having the freedom to perform

Balance - we all need it

We know everyone needs that sweet work-life balance to perform at their best. We all need to rest and disconnect to perform our best at work, right? Our first initiative, ‘Balance’, is about empowering our colleagues to work flexibly, in a way that suits them.

But we also know that balance isn't a 'one-size fits all': it's different for everyone and every role. It's up to you to own it. We're proud to have built a culture based on trust: giving you the freedom to work flexibly and take pride in what you do. For our office-based colleagues, this means having the freedom to find the right balance between working from home or the office. And for our shop-based colleagues, we offer flexibility around shift patterns and working hours to help them find the best work-life balance.

After all, when you're empowered to work in the way that works best for you, and give a damn about your work, we all win.


BELONG: leaving no one on the bench

Belong - together we thrive

We believe that having an inclusive and diverse culture is vital for succeeding as a team. Our second initiative, ‘Belong’, is about how we celebrate our differences, every day. You're part of something bigger at William Hill.

We don’t want to be known as a company that does the big talk but doesn’t take any action to turn it into reality. Therefore, we’ve made some significant changes that we think will help us increase our diversity and support our colleagues. From our offices in Leeds, Gibraltar, Krakow and beyond, to our colleagues worldwide, we know that we're all on the same side.

We’ve already made progress on diversity in the last couple of years. This includes achieving our initial targets of having 30% of women in our senior leadership population.

That being said, we know we have to do more. Last year, 81%1 of our colleagues agreed we treat all employees fairly, irrespective of gender, age, race, disability, religion, or sexual orientation. That may sound high, but it’s not good enough. ‘It’ll do’ will never do for us, and we’re not happy until 100% of our colleagues feel that we respect, value, and celebrate everyone for who they are.

We're an inclusive group, bringing together our individual strengths and celebrating our differences as one amazing team. If that sounds like you, you belong here too.


BUILD: raising the game and the players

Build - development your way

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a business, strong team or career. But with the right opportunities and support, it’s more than possible to get there!

Our third initiative, ‘Build’, is about encouraging and supporting our colleagues to grow. Build15 is where we actively encourage colleagues to find 15 minutes each day to prioritise learning. This could be listening to a podcast, reading an article, or taking time out to reflect and plan.

As part of ‘Build’, we also introduced ‘Internals First’, which helps us identify talent and develop our people to fill key roles within the business.

We're building a better business for everyone, promoting from within and nurturing a culture where people want to join and stay.

If you have a strong growth-mindset, we're here for you. Our people bring the drive to learn, develop and raise the game.

We act responsibly, keeping our eyes on the customer and doing the right thing. It'll do will never do for us. There is always room for improvement. We never stop learning.


Go One Better

Our values

To go one better, we have our eyes on the customer, because they matter most. We'll be the brand in everyone's hand if we give a damn and show we care. That means we own it - stepping up and seeing it through. But we can only do this together, when we're on the same side. United by the belief that "it'll do" will never do. Because we are William Hill, and we go one better

Eyes on the customer

They matter most
Do the right thing

Give a damn

Show you care
Call things out
Be your best self

Own it

Step up
Grab it
See it through

On the same side

One business
One vision
No silos

It'll do will never do

Be bold
Never settle
Keep improving


1 William Hill employee survey 2020