Having served customers since 1998, we have market leading positions across Europe and Latin America

Back in 1934, when William Hill founded the business, online betting wasn’t exactly an option—in fact, the internet as we know it didn’t even exist. We jumped at the chance to digitalise our business in 1998 and have been digital leaders in our sector ever since.

Online gambling is becoming more popular around the world. Driven by our commitment to customer safety and our ambition to grow digitally and internationally, we’re dedicated to stepping up our game and grabbing the opportunities this brings us.

We’re improving our technology platform


No one likes a slow app or messy online navigation. It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to bang your head against a wall.

To avoid such a scenario, we’re continually improving our proprietary technology platform. Our improvements will ensure that navigation on the platform is fast and intuitive—from login and deposit to customer service and withdrawal – and help our customers remain in control.

Some product improvements we’re proud to have launched recently:

  • We’ve migrated to cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure faster app speed. Our platform is now considerably faster—in fact, it’s one of the fastest in the UK.
  • We’ve launched our Smart Data Platform, allowing customers to enjoy a more personalised experience.
  • We’ve completely redesigned our betslip—the most significant update to the sportsbook experience in five years. Thanks to the redesign, many of our customers have started to enjoy sports betting and gaming, and we’ve been able to launch new promotions in the UK.
  • Our overhauled gaming experience has been rolled out to all our gaming assets. As a result, our gaming experience is now one of the best in the industry.
  • The Spanish and Italian markets have been migrated onto our new sportsbook and gaming platforms, allowing more flexibility and a better customer experience overall.
  • Mr Green —a European online gaming company that William Hill acquired in 2019—has launched in Spain and Latvia.

With a culture of continuous improvement and a focus on customer protection, we continue to expand our Online business into new territories and diversify our product and brand. For us, ‘it’ll do’ will never do – we always go one better.